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∞ Nuvo Group completed a two year program to expand wireless coverage at the University of Melbourne. This encompassed the installation of over 2600 new Cisco Power over Ethernet (PoE) + Wireless access points installed in over 400 buildings across all campuses throughout Victoria.
Working closely with the University of Melbourne ITS team, Nuvo developed the systems and processes to enable the ease of installation in complex live working environments including teaching spaces, theatres, heritage buildings, laboratories, the Ian Potter Art gallery, general office and accommodation.

∞ Project value|$2M^Installation|Over 2600 WAP’s in 400 buildings across all campuses^Active Users p/d|30,000^Warranty|Panduit 25 year warranty certified^Contract|Preferred supplier arrangement∞

∞ Nuvo won the public tender in an open forum against a myriad of communications specialists based upon price and track record. A Nuvo team of experienced Panduit accredited installers carried out the installation of Cat6a shielded cabling and mounting of the Cisco access points. This included patching and labelling, testing and certification for the 25 year warranty.

The $3,000,000 project has expanded the wireless network’s geographic coverage to more than 80% of all University space. The network now has 4,000 access points in total and has seen a usage rate increase from 20,000 users per day to 30,000 users per day.

Nuvo Group is now working with the University ITS team to expand the system to CMX capability to enable the system to effectively collect metadata such as building use, user movement, duration of user engagement. The designed solution will complete the CMX network via further expansion of the access network to 8,000 points in total to create a comprehensive big data network.

The meta-data captured will be analysed to evaluate how buildings and rooms are used. This will then factor into the future planning of the University’s property development program.

Nuvo Group is considered an integral part of the customer’s long term vision for the future.∞

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