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∞ Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Generation Systems are being adopted by more organisations as a way to reduce their emissions, energy costs and to make an impact on GHG.
∞ End Client|Robinvale Hospital^Location|Robinvale, VIC^Energy Demand per year|585,820 kWh/year^Solar Panels installed|384 x 260Wp^Energy Cost Savings per year|28%^Saving Over 10 years|$414,097^Tonnes CO2 -e saved over 10 years|475∞

∞ Nuvo was engaged by Robinvale District Health Services to install a PV Solar Generation System, in Robinvale, under a generation and maintenance agreement.

The 100kW PV Solar Generation System designed by Nuvo Group achieved a 28% energy cost saving per year and is cash fl ow positive from day one.∞

∞ ∞Reduced peak load energy demand^Reduced carbon emissions^Reduced energy costs^Maintained & Monitored by Nuvo Group^Long term warranty^Generation Guarantee∞
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